Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Technology is Amazing

Technology is growing at a highly accelerating rate and because of this many amazing technologies are being created. Three new technologies i am very interested in are Google' Project Loon, vehicle to vehicle communication, and the Internet of DNA.

Project loon
This is googles attempt to bring internet connections and phone signals to areas where phone towers cannot reach. They are going to use helium balloons to raise a communication satellite 20km in the air. Their goal is to have one of these balloons every 40km and each balloon to last 100-130 days. this is estimated to start for the public in 1-2 years.

Vehicle to vehicle communication
This is a way for vehicles to communicate to each other. What this means is when a can is swerving towards another vehicle and has a chance to crash the two vehicles can calculate a safe displacement that would be needed to ensure that neither vehicle would be harmed. Another purpose would be to able to find higher population of cars and be able to find routes with less traffic so that the driver can go in a direction that will make him or her reach their direction in an optimum amount of time. This is estimated to be available in 1-2 years,

Internet of DNA
This is a network for hospitals and research facilities that is meant to spread the information of patients in an attempt to have multiple facilities researching what can help the patient get better and to identify the problem that exists in the patient or even to identify an unknown disease. This technology has many possibilities. But then one I like to think about with this is the ability for all of the worlds hospitables and researchers to be able to closely communicate with each other in a secluded network and work together very closely and increase efficiency of their research and helping patients.

Job opportunities with technology

Working in the technology field has never been more viable for the average person. You can choose to work with more than any concept you ever could with the amount of KickStarter projects and concepts being created and looking for supporters and workers. Most of these jobs do not have extraordinary wages but the technology field of work does have countless job offers and this makes it a very good choice when looking for a field you want to be in.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Should common use technology stop advancing?

Some people are arguing that the advancement of technology should stop. But even though this is hypothetical since the advancements in technology will never stop until we have learned all there is to know in the world. But lets entertain the argument.

Should your personal feelings of advancements in common technology  stop me from enjoying it?

This is a point that needs to be addressed by people annoyed by new phones and technology like that, where they want each phone manufacture make one phone each and not complete with each other past their initial release. This is a very dumb stance that people are developing because they feel that they need to buy the newest phone. But they don't. If you do not want a newer generation phone do not get one simple. You not wanting a new phone or advertisements for new phones does not give you evidence for the halting of technology advancements.

What is considered common use technology?

This is something that needs to be told to some people because it seems people don't know that almost all adults are using common advancing technology that isn't a phone.
People against common technology advancements don't realize that some people have prosthetic limbs that they use everyday, people use cars, have computers, people use planes in urban environments 4 times a week, people need medical technology, people use apps on their phone everyday, people play games, people watch videos everyday, people use many different things in there everyday use.
Some of you reading this right now are wondering why I included planes or the prosthetic limbs or the bland use of medical technology. I used planes because something like a plane ride is getting less and less expensive. This is due to advancements in technology making the creation of planes less expensive and eventually with the advancement of technology the price of a plane ticket will be lowered enough for it to be viable for more financially stable people or small companies to be able to sent anywhere for work. The use of prosthetic limbs and the medical technology is to show that things that you may not think will affect you that things are affecting others everyday. To say you are for one kind of technology but not another kind of technology is something that shouldn't be forced on others unless it is endangering lives. If an advancement of a technology does not show harm to others why should someone conform to your views.

Can you fix the problem of technology distractions by having education systems addressing these problems with a designated class, and with more tech?

I do not see why we can not do this. Can the government not invest in a system where phone signals are blocked in areas in the future, Can they not get metal detectors to find phones and confiscate them, Can the schools teach students how to properly use a phone where they are not being rude. Can a School have indiscriminate rules where the breaking of these rules will have harsh punishments.
I do not see why not. Maybe it is hard to get these things to be a norm but it is a better and more longer lasting solution to this problem than stopping anyone who wants to stop advancements to technology.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Consumers vs. Producers

Today everyone with internet has access to ways where they can find any video or song they want for free, and this is killing the profits of the producers of these files. What can we do to stop the producers from having these profits lost? What kind of action can someone take to make both the consumers and Producers happy? 
To make both the consumers and producers happy isn't a easy task. Producers want to be paid for the work they do and consumers want free stuff. These two can happen if these song and video makers get paid threw ads that are shown during their videos or before their songs. The problem with this is that small independent producers cant make enough money to live off of. 
The best idea i can think of is to have each Producer make a request to search engine businesses and have them give the address's of all the websites and users that mention their copyright and have some kind of easy option to block everyone access to pages that use their copyright  without the producers permission.    

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween is Coming!

Greetings, Today is October 30th which means Halloween is tomorrow and there will be teenagers trick or treating, and there will be people talking about people being to old to go out and trick or treat. This is a weird debate where people just want to either judge or control another peoples actions. Why should you determine another persons harmless actions, just because you find the action to be childish it doesn't mean it is childish to them or that you should stop them from doing it. 

 Steven Blaney giving the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the power to look at everything you do on the internet!

Recently Canada has had many attacks where possible ISIS followers have attacked people in Canada, and because of this Steven Blaney tabled in a bill to the house of commons to give CSIS the power to observe anyone's internet activity. Personally i see no reason to be alarmed that this is happening, the government should have the rights to look at anyone's suspicious activity. I really dont think anyone else should be worried about this either. The only people who should care for what a spy agency sees is someone who has something to hide.
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